Why develop a lube center when there are so many around?

We realized, based on our own experiences that there is room for improvement to the “QUICK-LUBE” approach. Mom’s love that Instant Lube encourages you to remain in the vehicle during your oil change & inspection service. At Instant Lube we acknowledge your time is valuable and promise not to waste it in the attempt to upsell you on unwanted services. At Instant Lubewe understand that in most cases you want the basic service and be on your way. At Instant Lube we will do our best to service your vehicle quickly and if additional services are truly needed, our professional staff will note these services on the work order, and allow you the freedom to consider your budget and time frame to schedule these important services to be performed.

Here at Instant Lube we believe in treating you and your family with the respect and courtesy you deserve.
Please give us the opportunity at Instant Lube to exceed your expectations!

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